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About OKLink | Who we are,Our global network

About OKLink

The New Standard For Cross-Border Transfers

OKLink is the best global settlement platform for running a remittance app or business in the new generation. By powering a network of connectivity to expand business reach worldwide, we handle thousands of transactions each day for forward-thinking businesses internationally.


As the global leader in building a great cross-border payment network, we believe in leveraging our values to connect and enable transactions to power and connect financial leaders of the future.

Even before our launch in August 2016, our talents have been dedicated to transforming modern financial transfers. We really like global finance and internet technology – the people at OKLink have previously been at different companies such as Barclays, Visa, Alibaba and Tencent.

OKLink’s investors include Ce Yuan Ventures, Mandra Capital, Ventures Lab, and notable private investors including Tim Draper.


OKLink currently offers payouts in 40 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas, with new international corridors being added every week. We work from our headquarters in Hong Kong and our sister office in Beijing; with a 24-hour customer support team, we make it easy to stay connected in real time, no matter where your business is.