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We are more than a blockchain settlement company. We are striving to change the world's financial economy.

Technology has transformed our lives to allow the Apollo mission to land on the moon, to use a smartphone to hail an Uber at anytime, and to send email or a photo to anyone instantly and for free. Yet the world's financial transfers are still reliant on the same outdated technology built at least half a century ago. In many countries, the cost of global financial access surpasses that of basic education and medical care. That is about to change.

Our team is experienced in internet technology and global finance and come to OKLink after time at Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Visa, Yahoo, IBM, Barclays, cfX, Federal Reserve Bank, FDIC and PwC. We are making global transfers easier, faster, cheaper, safer and transparent, coupled with an exceptional user-interface that all financial partners and consumers will love.

How are we able to accomplish this? Instead of building on the edges of a closed and proprietary settlement infrastructure, we have built OKLink on top of open internet protocols including the blockchain. Using our technology and services, our financial partners are able to capitalize on the trust and efficiency of the blockchain to transform the way global transfers are provided to their customers.

It's time we use technology to improve our financial system together.


Our team of 170 consists of employees with extensive experience in various industries, such as eCommerce, Card Network,
Financial Services, Capital Markets, Consulting and Regulatory Agencies.

Star Xu

Star Xu is the Founder & CEO of OKCoin and OKLink. Prior to starting his own business in 2013, Star was the Chief Technology Officer of DocIn.com. Star was elected as the Chairman of China Blockchain Application Development Association in 2015 and was named as a National Committee member of Experts of Internet Finance Security Techniques in 2016. Star received his master degree in Mathematics from Renmin University.

Jack C. Liu

Jack is a serial entrepreneur founding businesses in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Hong Kong. He has led OKCoin's international exchange since 2014 and co-created OKLink transfer network and the Bihang blockchain wallet. Jack has appeared on Bloomberg TV, Financial Times, New York Times, Coindesk and more. Jack began his career in Hong Kong at Barclays in Equity Derivatives and is a graduate of Queen's University.

Zheng Rongyao

Most recently RongYao was the head of product at Tencent in charge of the O2O project. RongYao graduated from the Chinese Academy of Science where he obtained a Masters of electrical engineering.

Justin Pan

Justin graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2004 with an MBA degree. Before joining OKLink, Justin had worked for IBM, Hony Capital and ZPIN, and has gained extensive experience in Strategy, Operations and Human Resource.

Jason Lau

Jason has over 9 years of international work experience in consulting, finance and technology, having worked at Barclays Capital in Hong Kong and at cfx in New York. Mr. Lau obtained his MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, graduating with honors, and his Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics from Brandeis University.

Tim Byun

Tim joined OKLink in August 2016 from serving as BitPay’s Chief Compliance Officer since June 2014. Prior to that, he served as Visa’s Head of AML as well as Credit Settlement Risk for five years. In 1991, Tim started his regulatory career in as a field bank examiner at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for four years, followed by twelve years at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as a financial institutions examiner. Tim obtained an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and Bachelor’s of Science degree from University of Southern California.


OKLink has raised US$10mm in investments from Ceyuan Ventures, Mantra Capital, VenturesLab
and other notable private investors including Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

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