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August 12 BTC/ETH 24h On-Chain Data Report

2020.08.12 lornaq1221

According to OKLink analysis, The number of Bitcoin’s active addresshas increased to 1,091,948, by 13.01% compared to 966,253 of yesterday. The transaction volume has increased to 635,773.2BTC, by 2.09% compared to 622,757.27BTC of yesterday. The total number of transactions has increased to 351,897, by 15.12% compared to 305,679 yesterday.
On 10AM (HKT) August 12, 2020, the network has increased to 123.39EH/s, showing a uptrend.

The number of Ethereum’s active address has dropped to more than 490,900, by 3.75%. The transaction volume has dropped by 6.03% to 3.1 milion ETH. The total number of transactions has dropped by 3.04% to more than 1.25 million.
On 10AM (HKT) August 12, 2020, the network hash increased to 189.5TH/s, showing a uptrend. Gas fee reached 136.1Gwei, increasing 32.03%, unconfirmed transactions were more than 139,100.

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