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OKLink On-Chain Daily (April 6th)

2021.04.06 monicadiao

BTC Active Address: 1,218,000, up 17.1%;

BTC On-Chain TX Vol: 534,700 BTC, up 100.44%;

On-Chain Transactions: 287,200, up 16.19%;

As of 10:00 today, the current Bitcoin network difficulty is 23.14T with 165.54EH/s hashrate, which up 3.21EH/s compared to yesterday. The pending transaction of whole network rise to 46800.

ETH Active Address: 640,800, up 3.29%;

ETH On-Chain TX Vol: 3,604,300ETH, up 68.5%;

On-Chain Transactions: 1,299,400, up 8.49%;

As of 10:00 today, 3,710,338ETH (707.69%) already staked and counting in the eth2.0 contract.

Suggested Gas price 155.22Gwei, which up 48.24% compared to yesterday.

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