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OKLink On-Chain Daily (November 11st)

2020.11.11 Eddie

Bitcoin active address (24h) reaches 1,025,047 down 14.22% compared to 1,194,935 of yesterday while new address (24h) reaches 497,621, down 2.19% compared to 508,747 of yesterday. And the 24h spent outputs reaches 611,794.42 BTC, down 0.09% compared to 612,343.37 BTC of yesterday while transaction count is 304,384, down 6.54% compared to 325,696 of yesterday.
As of 10:00 today, the current Bitcoin network difficulty is 16.79 T with 127.09 EH/s hashrate, which down 0.91 EH/s compared to yesterday. The pending transaction of whole network rise to 5,053.

Ethereum active address (24h) reaches 506,724, down 18.46% compared to yesterday. And the 24h on-chain transaction volume reaches 2.589 million ETH, up 64.15% compared to yesterday with 1.157 million transaction count confirmed, up 13.89% compared to yesterday.
As of 10:00 today, 52,929 ETH already staked and counting in the eth2.0 contract while 471,359 ETH needed to be staked to reach the mainnet launch threshold.
The pending transaction of whole network comes to 89,332 with 46.26 Gwei suggested Gas price, which up 69.76% compared to yesterday.

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