OKLink makes US$100 million of cross-border transfers free

Initiative aims to accelerate growth of new money transfer companies

OKLink, the global blockchain money transfer network, announced today that it will subsidize all fees on the first US$100,000 of cross-border transfers for every partner on the OKLink network, up to a total of US$100 million. The initiative incentivizes money transfer companies to offer their customers the cheapest, fastest, and most transparent global remittance services.

OKLink currently offers payouts in fifteen countries across Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Participating companies on OKLink will be able to service individual payouts at the mid-market exchange rate for the first US$100,000 of transactions. Every transaction under US$1000 to a unique recipient will qualify for the subsidy. Eligible companies must sign up by December 31, 2016 and have until March 31, 2017 to complete the free transfers.

Coinsecure, Coins.ph, Rebit, MOIN.Inc, Coinone, Coinplug, Coincheck, Bitoex and BitPesa, are among the early companies to join the OKLink network and take advantage of this initiative.

For any questions about the program, contact us at partner@oklink.com.

For more information and quotes from our partners, please read the full blog post on blog.oklink.com