100 Percent Reserve
Guaranteed 1:1 exchange rate between USDK and USD
Special Fund Custody
Every USDK is backed by 1 USD from the Prime Trust Special Account
Regular Account Auditing
Audit firm will provide monthly audit reports every month for maximum transparency Fund Audit >
Powered by Blockchain
USDK is developed based on Ethereum technology. Visible, Trustable
Secure, Reliable, Trusted
Strong User Base
A strong user base creates a higher liquidity to the stablecoin market



Prime Trust

USD Deposit/ Withdrawal Synchronize USDK Deposit/ Withdrawal
How to Transfer USDK
Users will deposit USD to the trust account when they buy USDK and the trust will sync relevant data with OKLink. Once confirmed, USDK will be issued on the blockchain and transferred to user.
Prime Trust
Prime Trust is a US trust company that is committed to the blockchain industry. Chartered by the banking commissioners office in Nevada, it provides a wide range of services including custody, trust, escrow, funds processing, AML compliance and transaction technology to customers located in the US and internationally.
OKLink Fintech Limited
OKLink Fintech Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LEAP Holdings Group Limited (1499.HK), focuses on the R&D and application of blockchain technology. The company provides blockchain services and applications, including stablecoin, blockchain big data, and blockchain asset custodian services.

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Welcome to the world of blockchain

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OKCoin.cn adopts advanced blockchain and big data technology to offer the most reliable blockchain data services to users




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