The new standard for cross-border payments

OKLink is the best settlement platform for sending money cross-border. We handle thousands of transactions each day for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

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Mid-market rate: 60.166257Fee (included): 101.73 EUR
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  • Worldwide coverage

    Send to 400+ currency routes
  • Flexible payouts

    Pay to bank accounts, cash, or mobile wallet
  • Fastest payments

    Funds arrive within 1 working day

The Complete Solution for Developers

OKLink is the most powerful and flexible platform for any developer building or adding cross-border payment products.

Leave the headaches of banking, fx, settlement, compliance, and licensing to our seamless network of licensed partners.

We're built to be easy.

- Set your own commision on every remittance

- All funds flow through OKLink, no bank account or license needed

- Track every payment in real time

- API integration into your product or service

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OKLink is a collaborative payment network built on secure blockchain technology.

Pay into our Partner account in your country.

Your recipient will be paid from our Partner account in their country using the real exchange rate.