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We handle thousands of transactions each day, empowering forward-thinking payment platforms, mobile wallets and remittance companies.

You send
Recipient gets
Mid-market rate: 59.790563Fee (included): 5.83 EUR

Use OKLink to

  • Enable top-ups

    Enable top-ups from anywhere in the world, in any currency for your mobile wallet
  • Offer remittances

    Add cross-border remittance functionality, without any prior infrastructure
  • Expand to new markets

    Service customers in 40+ countries. Borders are no longer barriers
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The Complete Payments Solution

  • Simple plug-in

    Integrate with our plug-in solution with just 10 lines of code. Keep your web design and set your own commission on every transfer. Gain new customers and earn income.

  • Powerful API

    Easily integrate cross border remittances, and offer global top ups with one flexible API.

  • Regulations Solved

    Our network of licensed nodes cover all cross-border related issues: Licensing, Bank account, KYC, AML and more.

  • Transparent Pricing

    When you create an order, you get the real time mid-market rate. Our network handles all exchange rate fluctuations.

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